Consortium Benefits

Why Join the Coeus Consortium ?

During the past five years, Coeus has developed into a software program that has broad applicability to research institutions for cradle-to-grave management of research awards and activities, including but not limited to proposal development, pre-award and post-award functionalities. To address the evolving needs of research institutions, as well as unique requirements of particular organizations, further development of Coeus is required on a regular basis. Sometimes these development needs are applicable to many institutions; sometimes they are institution-specific.

The Coeus Consortium will bring institutional licensees of Coeus together to comment on their experiences with the program, to identify needs for future development, to contribute programming resources, and to engage in other related activities to assist MIT with further development of new and improved functionalities of Coeus for the collective benefit of all institutions.

The Members of this Consortium will be offered four levels of participation.

A Basic Member will have access to all developments produced by the Coeus Consortium during the course of their membership.

A Development Member will be entitled to participate in Consortium meetings to be held on a set schedule to discuss future development activities and to assist in the identification of detailed specifications of those development activities. The Development Member will also be entitled to propose a specific functionality or a specific infrastructure project related to the Coeus product on payment of additional sums (i.e., in excess of the basic $25,000) subject to the review of the Steering Committee and the final decision of the Program Director.

The third level of participation will be the Steering Member who will provide a greater amount of financial support and, in addition to being able to allocate a portion of its membership fee towards a specific focused Infrastructure Project, will be entitled to designate an individual to serve on a Steering Committee that will assist the Program Director with the establishment of Program priorities and initiatives. The Program Director will receive and be responsive to comments from and the consensus of the Steering Committee in selection of initiatives for implementation. In this manner, Steering Members will assist the Program Director with the choice of new developments. The Steering Committee will meet as often as necessary to determine Program issues, but at least semi-annually. The Steering Committee will support the Program director in preparing an annual summary of Program activities for all Members of the Consortium.

The fourth level of participation will be Industry Member which, because of its commercial interests, will also provide a greater amount of financial support. The Industry Member will be entitled to the same program participation as the Steering Member.

At any time, a Member which desires to have a Coeus application customized for its institutions specific needs (which it cannot or does not wish to develop internally pursuant to its license) and to fund it independently, may propose this to the Program Director, who will consider the feasibility of such an endeavor and make an appropriate decision.