Coeus - Joining the Consortium

The list of institutions using Coeus include some of the highest funded institutions in research however smaller institutions have also benefited from using Coeus. Coeus is scalable to satisfy the needs of all levels of research institutions. The Coeus Consortium is composed of research institutes that want influence over how their sponsored electronic research administration tools work. Coeus institutes represent a very significant segment of the researh community:

The Coeus Consortium is made up of over 50 member institutions.

  • All members are in the top 500 research institutions in the US, based on both NIH reports of awards to research universities and the NSF survey of Research and Development expenditures at colleges and universities.
  • While Consortium members are more heavily represented among the largest research institutions (over 25% of the top 50), over 10% of Coeus schools reported less than $50,000,000 in Research and Development expenditures in 2004.
  • As a whole, Coeus Consortium members accounted for 22% of all the Research and Development expenditures by colleges and universities in 2004, and 15% of NIH funds awarded in 2005.
  • The Coeus Consortium is recognized as a significant voice in long range planning discussions regarding the future direction of Federal electronic research administration.
  • Coeus Consortium members spent nearly $43 billion in Research and Development in federal fiscal year 2004.
  • Coeus Consortium members received over $23 billion in NIH awards in 2005.
  • Please take a moment and explore further the benefits of joining the rapidly growing list of institutions that are contributing to making Coeus the leader in electronic research administration systems. Members are benefiting from working collaboratively in enhancing the Coeus application's functionality to meet the ever changing needs of the research administration community.