Member Information

List Server

For access to the list server please go to the self registartion site maintained by the University of Rochester. This is useful for networking with other Coeus users as well as posting questions and helping other users. List Server

Email Coeus help

For email support please email This email is monitored by the Coeus help desk.

Bug Tracker

If you find an error in the Coeus application or have an enhancement request please go to the Jira Issue Tracking System and fill out a bug or enhancement request. A username and passowrd are required. You can sign up for a new account from the login screen.

Coeus Test Instance

Go to the Coeus Test instance MIT Coeus Test Instance. A username and passowrd are required. You can sign up for a new account from the login screen or email to request an account.

Fellow Members

Coeus Consortium members are willing to aid fellow members in implementing Coeus and are willing to share experiences with those wishing to use Coeus. For a complete listing of fellow members as well as contacts

Member List


For a list of consultants with experience working with Coeus Click Here.

The Consortium does not provide consulting services. All consultants listed act independently of the Consortium.

All agreements between the institute requesting consulting services and the consultant are independent of the consortium

Functionality Enhancements

The following form should be used to request functional enhancements to the application. Upon submission of the ehahancement form the requests will be reviewed by the sub committee responsible for the area the enhancement involves as well as the the Coeus technical staff. Following this review the appropriate action will be taken.

Functional Spec form
Functional Spec Instructions
Functional Spec Example